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Jungle Lodges and Resorts Dandeli
Jungle Lodges and Resorts - Kali Wilderness Camp Dandeli

Jungle Lodges and Resorts first started taking shape in 1980 and won the Government of India Award for Excellence for its Eco-friendly tourism. Jungle Lodges and Resorts is committed to catering to tourism while conserving precious wildlife and the environment. Managed by the Tourism Department ( Govt. Of Karnataka ), its aim is education through experience.
Wildlife viewing, canoe tours, boat and coracle rides, white-water rafting, snorkelling and parasailing are some of the exciting adventure options waiting for you at Jungle Lodges and Resorts.

Jungle Lodges and Resorts

The best fishing times are November to February. JLR provides guests with coracles to cross the river as well as experienced guides called gillies. Gillies are experienced fishermen who know the waters and are experts at handling the coracles.

Kali Wilderness & Adventure Camp - Dandeli

The Kali Wilderness and Adventure Camp is a pleasant camp by the banks of the Kali River, in Karnataka. The Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is nearby, home to some of the most incredible bird and wildlife in India .  

Environment and Wildlife Conservation

When you visit wildlife parks:
● Don’t bring along music or talk loudly. If you want to spot interesting wildlife, you have to be quiet.
● Wear safari colours. Browns, tans and khaki blend with the nature and are less likely to startle the animals.
● Do not feed any animals. By feeding them you are harming their natural habits for survival.
● Don’t litter.
● Keep your distance. When viewing wild animals give them plenty of room.
● Don’t take plants or animals away from their habitat.
● Avoid wearing perfumes and colognes.
● Follow strict precautions against accidental fire.
● Don’t throw things at wild animals. You may get more attention than you bargained for!

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Experience all the sights and sounds of the lush forests of Dandeli with a wildlife safari. Travel by jeep with experienced guides who will take you on the adventure of a lifetime, and delve deep into the natural habitat of wild animals, exotic birds and unusual reptiles.
Travel through beautiful wooded trails and appreciate the rich diversity of plant and animal life as the colours, scents and textures of this extraordinary landscape unfold before you.
If there were a ‘Who’s Who’ of exotic creatures then the inhabitants of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary would fill it! Elephants, wild pigs, tigers, rare black panthers, wild dogs, monkeys, deer and mongoose are just some of the fascinating mammals you can see while you are there.

Some of the more unusual mammals to look out for in the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Sloth Bearsare pretty odd looking creatures, they have no upper incisor teeth but have a very long tongue and they just love termites - love eating them, that is! The long tongue and lack of upper incisors help them to suck as many termites into their mouths as possible.
They have feet which turn inwards and long claws which they use to dig at termite hills. They also eat other insects, birds’ eggs and honey, and they have been spotted shaking trees and climbing them to get fruit.

Barking Deer live quietly in the sanctuary, you would hardly know they are there, apart from their call which sounds like a dog. If you are rowing down the Kali river and think you hear a dog barking - think again! Barking deer are solitary and timid, more usually spotted alone or in a pair than in a group. Be patient (and quiet) if you want to photograph one.

The Indian Pangolin is an amazing ant-eating creature, with overlapping scales which make it look like a Medieval knight in armour! These unusual scales are made up of hundreds of tiny hairs compressed together
Like the Sloth Bear, the Pangolin likes to snack on termites and ants and has long claws which it uses to dig them up. When it comes to defending itself from tigers
  and other predators, the Pangolin curls up into a ball, letting it’s scales protect it.

The Malabar Giant Squirrel
or Ratufa Indica is roughly the size of a small dog, with it’s tail about the same length as it’s body. It is very shy and, if it senses danger, it will flatten itself on a tree branch and blend in with the foliage. Although predominantly black, colouring can range through mixed red to black and off-white. Keep still and train your eyes on the nearest tree to spot one of these creatures.

Activities in Dandeli
● White water rafting
If you are fond of adventure, Dandeli is the place for you. There is a choice between a 9-km run that lasts for over four hours and a shorter run that is almost half the other, keeping in mind both seasoned rafters as well as amateurs.
You go upstream in a jeep first and then get basic how-to’s of white-water rafting. Thereafter you are taken aboard an inflatable boat and the fun begins! While at places the water is calm, at other places it is everything but calm and you are sent plunging down the river. You are in safe hands since experts accompany you.

● Rappelling
This is a high-on-action sport for those who are immune to ‘Altophobia’ or the fear of heights, or even those who wish to get over this phobia. You get to climb the steepest of cliffs and come careening down suspended by all but one rope!
One wrong step could mean trouble – may be not severe, but at least a few bruises and the likes. However, there is no need to worry since our experts take care of everything. Come into the world of rappelling on the stark rocky cliffs of the Sahyadri mountain ranges here at Dandeli.

● Adventure trekking
We take care to ensure that getting the permission from the forest department to go on your trek is made as easy as possible. The sanctuary is really vast and is a great place for adventure trekking.
It may be difficult to spot too many animals due to the thick forestation, but you might see a few Malabar Giant Squirrels and Bisons, and if you are lucky, tigers, panthers and several more. The variety of birds you can see here is excellent; Dandeli is especially famous its considerable hornbill population. The biodiversity you get to see in Dandeli is truly amazing.
● Natural Jacuzzi in rapids
In today’s day and age where all things natural are a fad, why leave a natural Jacuzzi behind? At Dandeli you get to experience this all natural therapy – a rejuvenating massage from the hosts themselves: the rapids of the river Kali. In order to witness this rare phenomenon you need to travel to one of the islands near Dandeli.
A short boat ride thereafter will take you to the premises where nature is at its therapeutic best. The random gushing stream suddenly seems to know how to custom create a unique massage session for you. Enjoy the massage thoroughly – it’s free!

● Bird Watching
Most of your travelling within Dandeli is taken care by us so that you can make most of the bird sighting experience, you really do not need your own vehicle. Dandeli truly is the ornithologist’s paradise.
Some of the varieties you get to see here are Magpie Robin, Bar Winged Flycatcher Shrikes, Blue Headed Ground Thrush, Pompadour Green Pigeons, Golden Back, Woodpecker, Yellow Browed Bulbuls, Cuckoo, Crested Serpent Eagle, Pied Hornbills, Jungle Babblers and many more birds. Our experts will make the trip very informative too.
● Jungle Safari in open jeep
Take our Jungle Safari in an open jeep to soak up every bit of the rugged experience that is Dandeli. The main bird species here include Indian and a large variety of other birds and there is no better time to watch each of them in their natural habitat than on such a safari.
One of you may need to volunteer to walk ahead of the jeep to clear the way on a very foggy day. The thick vegetation and undergrowth in Dandeli makes it difficult to sight animals easily though they are present here in good numbers. Bison and a couple of Malabar Giant Squirrels are commonly spotted.


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